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spanish food

  Paella is the universal food for all the country that is prepared in an extensive container of little depth. There is different types of paella: seafaring paella, or/ with chicken, or rabbit, etc... Also the Spanish Tapas is very popular and delicious.

The  Spanish food  is represented for every region and is possible to taste delightful varied specialties with the character of the place.

 In the north of the country the food is prepared with fish and shellfish: octopus, hake, mussels, barnacles. Representative food is the caldo gallego (galician broth),
octopus to the Spaniard and the patty (empanada). As dessert there is the cake of Santiago.

 Is consummated a lot of fish and shellfish but the characteristic food  is the  fabada - large bean, hog, tripe, sausage that this very good one in the winter. Cabrales is a good cheese with a very good flavor and taste. As  dessert is  fiyueles, candies of flour, egg and milk. Sidra is the regional drink.

The same as in Galicia and Asturias the fish are traditional foods, the tails squids, sardine, anchovy, prepared in different ways and also cheeses. Pasiegos and quesadas are candies of the place. 

  Basque country,
 Its characteristic foods are the casseroles of fish specially cod and hake, prepared in green sauce to the pil-pil. They have many varieties in sauces. Marmitaco regional food this throws of tuna, potatoes, pepper and  txacoli wine.

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Tapas Calamar

Tapas Calamar

octopus food

Octopus to the Galician food

  The Rioja, this famous for the red wine that he is producing and also the orchards vegetables, the sweet red peppers, back fill and the green beans are the specialties of the place. 

  Catalonia, the kitchen is typically Mediterranean but the typical food is escudella that contains meat stuffed and potatoes. Butifarra and the fuet of Vic they are them stuffed  of the place. As coming, bread with tomato is eaten and the sauce that is used in different foods  is all i oli, (olive oil and garlic). As desert is the Catalonian cream. They produce, good digs and wines, red or white, light or brut.

Paella Spanish foodValencia and Murcia, the food is Mediterranean and the hoops is the one that more is used is the kitchen of many  different ways, the best-known one is the paella. The candies are the turrones also prepared of different ways.

  Balearic islands, typically Mediterranean, the food characteristic are the Majorcan soup of fish and the tumbet, casserole, potatoes, onion, zucchini, and peppers. As desert the most delicious are the ensaimadas. Maˇ (Mahon,Menorca) has given name to the sauce mayonnaise  and to the cheese of Maˇ.

  Restaurants are continuous developing traditional and international food specialties. Usually is open of 1 PM to 4 PM for lunch and for dinner of 8 PM.
  Tapas Bars,  food is served cold or hot, like a snack bar, easy recipes, but in a very traditional stile and friendly ambiance. Normally open at 10 am.

The partridges and bobwhite its prepare of multiples ways. The trout to the navarre with ham is a typical food. Delicious vegetables of the place are the peas, asparagus, beans. Roncal is a cheese of sheep with very good taste.

  Aragon, can be tasted food like chilindron that carries chicken and lamb with sauce of tomato, pepper and onion, ternasco is another food of the place. They produces consistent red wines.

  Andalusia, the food most acquaintance is the gazpacho, (tomato and a lot of vegetables) and the fried fish that can be tasted in almost all the region of Andalusia. Also Tapas is a variety of delicious foods. They produce inequable hams and also good fine wines. 


Cured Jams

fish food

Spanish cuisine, fish specialties

  Castile and Extremadura, the roasts of lamb, kid  piggy, watered with a good wine, they are specialties of the places. In Madrid the stew and the tripe is the food most acquaintance. The most famous cheese is manchego, fresh or it cured and as stuffed, the hams of montanchez and of guijuelo they are the best-known. Also they devise excellent wines. 




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