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 Traditions of Spain

  The tradition and the folk  of Spain are different and various, in which peoples participates intensely in the festivals and holidays. By the year in all the territory many festivals are celebrated, these are some of them:

  Fiesta Mayor,
In many of towns and grand cities are celebrated fiestas ( holidays ), is as an anniversary of town (in the name of a saint of the town. Allot of festivals are celebrated in the summer and participates the inhabitants of the town, neighboring localities and tourists that want to enjoy the diversion, animated festivals, attractions  and/or confinements and races of bulls.

  Sanfermines de Pamplona,
It is celebrated in honor of San Fermin (7 july) and during a week, the city lives an environment of festival stop sign. Culminates with morning confinements and bull race in the afternoon.

  Feria de Andalusia,
Is a festival of color, happiness and Sevillana dance and  the women’s suite flamenco they light up along the pretty streets. Is eaten Tapas food, drinking good vines and mucha fiesta...

  Fallas de Valencia,
Is celebrated en march en honor of San Jose  is evident in a festival of fire and culminates with the night of fire (Nit of foc) when they burn some gigantic dummies.

  Carnaval, in the Canary Islans
in Tenerife the carnivals are celebrated of greater tradition being prepared many suits and actions and in peninsula they are more animated

  Bullfights and/or bull race,
Normally they are celebrated in greater festivals Fiesta Mayor of Seville of Madrid San Isidro, Pamplona San Fermines, Valencia and many other places...

  The Folk and culture

Andalusia, very known by the flamenco music and dance that has been brought centuries ago by the gypsies that along with the coloristic suit is a various and rich art.
  Aragon region, jota is the typical dance of the region, is danced in remote couples or in rows of men and women.
  Catalonia, Sardanes is danced Sundays in the major plaza and they do itself  Castells which  are human pyramids.

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Castell (Human Castle) Catalonia


Sevillana Dance, Andalusia



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